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Shenyang today or heavy pollution in September list "worst ten city"

Date: 2014-10-22

Shenyang September list today or heavy pollution "worst ten city" haven't wait until Thursday, haze came first. Cold day again, and will return to shenyang 21 ~ 23 ℃ warm days, cool next round began on Saturday night.
21, 22, the lowest temperature in shenyang are low in the morning, today's shenyang lowest temperature of 4 ℃ below zero in the morning, however, the temperature drops at the same time can bring the fresh air, no air forecast, shenyang municipal environmental protection bureau 22 shenyang today or level 4 moderate pollution to five severe pollution, the air quality index (AQI) between 175-205. Air pollution meteorological conditions for level 4 is bad, bad for air pollutants dilution and diffusion and cleared. Air forecast released in the second half of this year, the AQI daily super 200 is extremely rare.
We often think of cold air is killer smog, especially under the condition of low temperature, wind, fog can more easily "just", 21, 22 two days under the cold air control in our province, 21 air forecast had expected there will be a fine day in shenyang, but the pollution. 21 hours in the morning shenyang AQI is more than 250, in 300, early peak time of shenyang in a grey mist. The municipal environmental protection bureau, according to the monitoring data at 8 AQI Zhang Shi point is highest, 312, 300, taiyuan business street point the road level 299, PM2.5 and multiple point more than 200 micrograms per cubic meter.
The cooling demand reached a low point in the morning, round the coldest place in our province fuxin will reach 7 ℃ below zero, shenyang will also appear minus 4 ℃ low temperature, low temperature of the air quality is not good at the same time, this kind of weather forecast and air combination forecasting are rare. This year's haze came earlier than the previous two years, didn't to heating period, air quality first.